My 5 Best Grocery Shopping Tips

Make the most of your time and money when you head to the grocery store!

I have pretty much gotten my shopping down to a science and I can be in and out of there in no time. Even with two kids and my own business, I have mastered the art of grocery shopping. Here I share my absolutely essential tips to getting your groceries quickly and on budget.

1. Make a plan.

Be sure to make a plan before you hit the store. Going to do your major shopping? Figure out what you are cooking for the week and put the plan on paper.

2. Make an initial list.

Write down every single ingredient that you will need for your recipes. Check your pantry to make sure that you actually need items, or see if you already have them. Check on the kids and see if they are in need of anything.  Ask your family if they need anything or if they used the last of anything and didn’t tel you – story of my life.

3. Organize your list.  

Take the jumbled list, and put it into categories. The main ones I use for my grocery lists that I send my subscribers are:

MEAT, PRODUCE, DELI/BAKERY, PANTRY (Organize this one by aisle if you can i.e. baking, Mexican, pasta etc.), DAIRY/EGGS, FROZEN, KIDS, PAPER GOODS/CLEANING.

4. Go to the store alone, if you can.

I cannot shop with my kids. I end up spending a ton more money, I fly through and miss things, and I end up being THAT MOM in public, gritting my teeth and looking like I am about to lose it. I love my babies, but they are not fun at Kroger. If taking kids is your only option, that $5 Clicklist price is worth it. I am pretty sure Walmart pick-up is free so they won’t have anymore meltdowns in their aisles, and I honestly do not blame them one bit.

5. Put in earbuds. 

Put on your faborite podcast or music while you shop. It will make shopping happier, and most people won’t talk to you if you have them in so you can easily avoid people if you want to.

These are some of my best tips, and things to help make it a more enjoyable experience. Planning BEFORE will save you so much time and SO much money.

Happy shopping,

The Dinner Darling

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