Kid-Friendly Ideas for Quarantine

Need some kid-friendly recipe ideas while stuck in quarantine? Here are some of my favorites!

  • Make your own Pizza Party – Grab some of your favorite pizza toppings, and have a pizza party. We love using Stonefire Naan Bread for the base and making individual pizzas. The kiddos love them, and they get to be a part of the process. I also LOVE to use leftovers on a pizza. Ever had pot roast pizza? it’s delish!
  • Pigs In a Blanket – Get crescent rolls and brush with yellow mustard. Roll up half of a hotdog and bake per directions on the can of crescent rolls. Easy peasy!
  • Easy pasta salad – Grab a rotisserie chicken, shredded cheese, rotini pasta, chop up your favorite veggies, and get a creamy salad dressing. I use Marie’s Creamy Italian Garlic dressing, which is in the cold section by the salads. Cook pasta according to directions and cool, mix in chicken, veggies, shredded cheese and 1 cup of dressing. Add salt, pepper, and more dressing, as needed.
  • Breakfast on a bun – Any Whataburger fans out there? Grab a hamburger bun, because you know you have some, and put eggs, cheese and your kids favorite breakfast meat on it. Let them “build it” how they want it, and I bet they eat it!
  • Kid’s Charcuterie Board – Cut up some cheese, crackers, grab some pepperoni or even their favorite lunch meat, cut up fruit, and give them each a small plate or board to create their own charcuterie board. My 4 year old loves to do this, and he is more likely to eat his fruit if you pair it with cheese and crackers!
  • Muffin Tin Breakfast – A friend and subscriber always posts her precious babies eating their healthy breakfast out of muffin tins. She does different fruit and items in each tin and they eat it. We are DEFINITELY trying that this week! Would be a good way to work on counting too.

Have some creative ways to get your little ones to eat? Let us know in the comments your favorites!


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