My Experience with FASTer Way To Fat Loss®

Let me start by saying, I love to cook and eat, obviously, and I despise working out. Well, I despised working out up until about 6 weeks ago. Almost a year ago, I started following Anne Snow on Instagram, a precious local girl with a bubbly personality that just draws you in. She kept talking about this thing called FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and it got me interested. Why would she need to do this? She is TINY and YOUNG. I am not sure she has even hit 30 yet, you know, the age where your metabolism feels like it is shutting down and your wrinkles really start to pop up. Anyway, her personality is electric, and with two small boys, I needed to know how she had so much energy, looked so rested, and also enjoyed the occasional glass of wine. I am a big fan of the crash diet – you know the one where you starve yourself for a month and lose 10 lbs, only to find out that you gain it all back and then some the next month. That being said, I could NOT do that again. I also have two small boys, and I knew that whatever Anne was on, I needed some of it.

#FWTFL – The Push I Needed

Quarantine had made me fluffier than normal, anxious, mean, and not myself. I HATED it. I love my kids, and I love spending time with them, but we needed to GO places and SEE people. I needed to work without interruption, go on a walk by myself, but with my husband busier than ever at work, I was stuck at home, alone, with two crazed lunatics high on sugar and screen time.  I honestly think about week 9, I came to a breaking point, and I knew I had to do something for ME. A few months prior to Quarantine, Anne became a subscriber to my weekly email subscriptions, and she would post MY recipes on her Instagram stories. That got me thinking, if SHE was cooking and eating off of my regular and lite plans, then surely I should be able to do it too, right? I reached out to Anne and got some info on trying this whole Fasting thing she was doing, and it sounded really interesting. Fast for 16 hours, okay, I mean I can do that – I am not really a breakfast person anyway, so that should be easy. Eat whole foods – I know what whole foods are, I can eat some fruits and veggies, okay I can do that.  Oh, and eat everything I am already cooking? I can definitely do that. So, after talking to my husband, I decided to jump on in. I forced two of my friends to do it with me, and we started Mid May along with 35 other people.

 #FWTFL – Getting Started

The first week Anne kept saying “This is prep week, I will tell you everything you need to know.”  She was right, but I was impatient, I wanted to jump in immediately and be perfect at this new system. We had nightly training calls the first week, and when I tell you I was CONFUSED, I was CONFUSED, and I was not alone.  She promised us this was normal and that we would get it, and luckily, she was right. She really did teach us everything we needed to know, and if we had a question she was quick to answer. Not only did she help us with WHAT to eat, she told us WHEN to eat it and WHY.  The WHY part was huge for me. I love that there is method to this madness, and honestly, I love a good explanation. We learned what macros were, how to track them, carb cycling, fasting and whole food nutrition. The 6 week program is designed to help you turn your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner. Being that I have a LOT of fat to burn, this was particularly motivating. This was not going to be a quick-fix crash diet, and I might not even see a lot of results in the beginning, but I was given to tools to train my body to burn fat, and that is exactly what this 37 year old needed. Oh and she also promised tons of energy and sleeping better – and she was right, yet again. The food thing was interesting for sure. Did you know fruit has tons of carbs? And that some fat is good for you? I did not – I honestly just cooked food without knowing much about it. By the second week, I had gotten the hang of tracking everything. Tracking and writing down what you eat can be really eye opening. It became a fun puzzle piece for me to figure out every single day. I would log my Weekly Dish dinners for the week, since you know I plan them out, and then fill in the rest of the day with good carbs, fats, and proteins. As someone who loves that kind of stuff, it ended up being a game each day to hit my target goals. You change up your goals every few days, so it is not monotonous, and keeps you and your body guessing.  Another thing that was not monotonous were the amazing workouts. They are on your FASTer Way app, and take about 25 minutes. I started waking up early and doing them before the kids got up, and I really enjoyed them. HIIT training, Barre, Pilates, Yoga – something different each day, and I really liked that part. Like I said before, I do not love to work out. I love to go walking and listen to a podcast, but actually working out, lifting weights and breathing so hard I might pass out was never high on my list. Weights were hard to get a hold of during quarantine, so I had a hodgepodge of things I found, and mostly used two large jars of coconut oil and peanut butter and still had amazing results. The coaches are incredible, and Amanda Tress, the founder of FASTer Way to Fat Loss, always gives super encouraging words during her amazing workouts. It’s like a mini therapy session and work out all rolled into one.

#FWTFL – My Results

About week 4, I could really feel my body changing. We are instructed to NOT get on the scale, which is hard for this scale junkie, but I really tried not to. My clothes were fitting better, I felt lighter, my anxiety was calming, and I had tons of energy. Non-scale victories are what they call these, and I was having a lot of them. Beginning of week 5, I HAD to get on the scale and see, so I woke up early stripped down to nothing, and hopped on. 4.5 lbs. WHAT? 4.5 lbs? I had been BUSTING IT for 5 weeks, and that is it? So I decided to take some photos. That is when I took the back fat shot. The one I have posted and has been reposted on Instagram, and I was amazed. These FASTer Way people were right – the scale is a liar.  By the end of week six, I was down another 1.5 lbs, a total of TWELVE inches, and was in my size 14 jeans that had been tight a month prior. I was sold, officially.

I just joined their VIP membership, which is cheaper than a gym membership, and I get to keep being held accountable in small groups.  Yesterday marked the beginning of week 7, and I really am excited to keep this up. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. Make sure you follow my amazing coach Anne on Instagram at @annesnowlifestyle, and check out the FASTer way for yourself.

SIX WEEK RESULTS (The Back Fat Shot) – Down 6 lbs and 12 inches

#FWTFL – Next Steps

Anne has a new round starting July 6th, and I know she would love for you to jump on board. I am posting my link here to sign up!  I am telling you, this program works, and I would love for you to follow me on this journey, and maybe start this journey for yourself as well. I included a sample of a Low Carb day so you can see how much I eat.

SAMPLE Meal Plan for Low Carb Day:

8 am – Black Coffee with one scoop Vital Proteins Collagen

10AM-12PM – 32 ounces of Water – here is the water bottle I love (link here)

12pm – Two Tuna Melt Tomatoes (The Weekly Dish Lite Plan)

(12PM-8PM – 64 more ounces of water)

2 PM – Cheese Wrap with Turkey and 1 tbsp full-fat ranch

4 PM – Handful of Cashews

7 PM – Oven “Fried Chicken” with an arugula salad with creamy lemon vinaigrette (The Weekly Dish Lite Plan)

7:30 PM – Square of dark chocolate with ½ tbsp of peanut butter

Please note that all opinions and results are from my own personal experience. I am not a coach or a personal trainer. Please consult a doctor before changing our diet or exercise regimen. This post is not sponsored, but does contain affiliate links.

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